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Month: September 2017

Teepa Snow, Dementia Goddess

An Orientation Course for Dementia Land? If you’re looking for practical advice on caring for a loved one with dementia, I won’t keep you waiting. It simply wouldn’t be fair to keep you in suspense while I ramble about my journey with my mother. One of my favourite bloggers, Elaine M. Eshbaugh, PhD, has written […]

Diary Entry: 1 July 2017 The Horror of Hospitals

Hospitals are ghastly places.  Unless, of course, medicine is your vocation.  Or you’re watching re-runs of “Grey’s Anatomy”.  (In which case, I am so with you!  Fab friends, dialogue of note, seriously hot medics aplenty and steamy sessions behind closed doors.  Everything a girl wants.) But the reality is I’ve spent too much time in […]

World Alzheimer’s Day

wam-2017-poster-eng If ever there was an appropriate day to launch my dementia blog, today is it:  World Alzheimer’s Day, which falls on 21 September each year.  In 2012, September became World Alzheimer’s Month.  This is an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. The theme for 2017’s World Alzheimer’s Month […]